My Cubbyhole World

South Okanagan’s fall colours

Hi! My name is Marilyn Brown, and I’m an empty-nester and freelance writer residing in the Okanagan region of B.C., Canada. I am excited (and a wee bit anxious) to share my insights and humorous tidbits about everything between diapers and Depends, marriage and motherhood, and dealing with the less-than-glamorous truth about aging. I’m just an average gal who has been doing some serious people-watching during my 50+ years. Fortunately for me, I have crossed paths with many individuals and friends that have blessed me with their kindness, spirit and wisdom. I can thankfully say that they showed me how to see the joy and laughter in everyday things if you just change your perspective. My family is supportive of my endeavours, as crazy as they sometimes seem – which is why I love them so and still endure with my writing career. I do hope you’ll enjoy my posts as I strive to find the laughter and smiles in life’s everyday routine.

Recently, I became a new grandmother, one of the great joys in my life. I also love gardening, travel, entertaining, wine, warm summer nights, British humour, and spending time with family and friends. My closest friends know that I hate line-ups, mornings before sunrise, being cold, runny eggs, and tight shoes. Sleeping seems as elusive these days as when I was a new mother.

You can also read my regular contributions of jocularity in Beyond 50 Magazine. I am currently working on a collection of short stories for publication. Glad you visited! Leave me a comment so we can chat!

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  1. I just found you thro mIxerupper & wanted to say u hv a lovely way of putting things across, is it the B.C. Way? I love bc & am so looking forward to my Victoria visit next week!

    • So happy to have you visit my blog. I am a B.C.-born and raised gal and it will always be home for me. You will have a great time over in Victoria for sure. The parks and coastal areas are scenic, and the harbour area is a treat year round. Have fun!

  2. The professor sends his greetings! The picture at the top is beautiful.


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