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Ahead of My Time

April 6, 2013


It’s not that unusual to lose track of the time when faced with a full schedule. I’m rarely late for appointments, something I value in other people too. Given a choice, it’s better to lose track of the time when having fun. This week, however, I lost track of multiple appointments over a couple of days – […]

Searching for a Safe Place – But Where Exactly is That?

February 27, 2013


I start this posting on an uncharacteristicly serious note. It is because my father was lost to Alzheimer’s disease for over a decade before his passing in 1998, that I intentionally spend some part of each day focused on mental exercises. As a result, the “use it or lose it” philosophy has been drilled into my subconscious. […]

Shedding Layers is the Best Prescription for Winter Blahs

January 7, 2013


Rum swizzles and SAD light be damned, this January I’m talking’ about Mai Tai’s and fresh pineapple! After 34+ years together, Hubby and I are finally planning our escape from the frigid climate, going to Hawaii for a short break. Deciding on taking some vacation time a bit early this year, the news came as a surprise to […]

The Queen’s English Indeed

November 1, 2012


It’s hard enough trying to keep up and understand the text “shorthand” that comes along with text messaging my grown kids, but then there’s the verbal jargon that comes into play with ordinary conversations. At the risk of falling behind with the modern jargon that filters its way to me, I have found that far […]

Beyond The Empty Page

July 24, 2012


It’s like someone has bombed my cranial cavity. That’s what it’s like to have a writer’s block. It’s frustrating. You stare at a blank computer screen expecting it to begin a conversation and all you get in return is a periodic reminder that software updates are now available – not flash bulletins that your favourite shoe […]

My Gardening Angel

February 2, 2012


Call it rustic. In fact, the chair looks pretty beat up, decrepit, with the majority of its paint stripped and peeling from the back spindles and seat. From its back’s frame is hung a painted angel with the lettering “Garden Angel” above the wooden cutout. I gave the little sign to my mother over a […]

Occupy the Bistro Movement

November 25, 2011


With “Occupy” protests and movements being all in the news, it caused me to reflect on my part of an ongoing “movement” – something I will call the “Occupy the Bistro 50Plus Movement”. It actually has been gaining momentum over a few years, with more and more senior gals joining our ranks over  coffee and/or luncheons […]