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The Thorny Side of Landscaping

April 25, 2012


I have just finished up another session of Spring clean-up in the garden, and I have the injuries and aches to prove it. Long ago I retired my Superwoman cape when it came to being a weekend yard warrior, yet I’m still determined to win the battle of woman versus perennial. You see, after a couple of years of yard […]

Good Advice I Wished I Had Years Ago

April 20, 2012


Not long ago, I rediscovered an old printed email that I had received from a friend and stashed away in my file of inspirational and wise quotes. I couldn’t actually find the author of the piece, but I was impressed that even after gathering dust for a few years, the advice given was still appropriate […]

Thoughts of Spring and Green (Chest-waders)

April 15, 2012


The birdies are twittering about again, things are sprouting through the earth, and blossoms are finally venturing forth. Aaah, Springtime! I have heard that in Springtime a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love, but I’m pretty sure that Spring is simply a convenient excuse for some guys to chase a skirt. But what does an […]

Don’t Push My Buttons!

April 6, 2012


There are days when I feel I am being swallowed up by the number of computers in our house. It’s a necessary element in our lives. My husband’s career revolves around technology, whereas I choose to keep it at a comfortable arm’s length. Nevertheless, there are times when it would be easier for my darling spouse to understand […]