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Occupy the Bistro Movement

November 25, 2011


With “Occupy” protests and movements being all in the news, it caused me to reflect on my part of an ongoing “movement” – something I will call the “Occupy the Bistro 50Plus Movement”. It actually has been gaining momentum over a few years, with more and more senior gals joining our ranks over  coffee and/or luncheons […]

Baby it’s cold outside….and I’m S.A.D. about it.

November 16, 2011


The first dustings of snow have already hit the Okanagan Valley and my middle-aged, achy joints are telling me that I better brace myself for the predicted cold that’s coming. (Don’t I sound like an ol’ codger?) Along with adding another layer of clothing to my morning ritual, there’s now a daily breakfast dose of light therapy […]

Be Afraid!

November 8, 2011


The smell of smashed pumpkins and the lingering odor of fireworks in the air is gone for another year – Halloween once again took over our house! Over 25 years ago, when my daughter and son were wee munchkins, simply carving a silly toothy pumpkin grin and throwing together a decent costume was enough (not to mention the candy). […]