Baby it’s cold outside….and I’m S.A.D. about it.

Posted on November 16, 2011


Light therapy makes for a brighter start to your day

The first dustings of snow have already hit the Okanagan Valley and my middle-aged, achy joints are telling me that I better brace myself for the predicted cold that’s coming. (Don’t I sound like an ol’ codger?) Along with adding another layer of clothing to my morning ritual, there’s now a daily breakfast dose of light therapy to kick-start the day – something I’ve come to accept with the increasing darkness. (I used to drive my family a bit nuts flipping on all the inside lights of the house over the course of the winter. Now I just blind my Hubby with my SAD light while he munchies down on his cereal and cup of tea.)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded again and again about living in a hilltop neighbourhood. You see, cold winds and winter weather almost always arrive (and settle in for a duration) ahead of those living in the Valley floor. That means winterizing the garden (burlap wraps are all the fashion for sensitive shrubs) and composting bags and bags (and bags) of raked leaves – chores which take up a good deal of time. Vigilance about frosty or freezing daily weather reports is necessary in order to complete all the outside tasks before Ol’ Man Winter says: “It’s time!” It all seems like “the party’s over … time to go home” scenario. (aaaahhhh…..)

The first dusting of winter comes to the Okanagan

Perhaps in another life I was a friendly brown bear. I like the whole idea of packing on the groceries and then hibernating for a bit. It doesn’t really work so well, though, with the Christmas festivities just around the corner and fitting into my party dress. ( I do so enjoy a good party with the eggnog and Nanaimo bars!)

I have to remind myself how beautiful the trees look with that first really wicked frost, how the surface of the snow drifts sparkle in the silence of a late night, and how nature needs and deserves a rest after giving us such a wonderful display this year. I may not “do” winter very well, but those memories certainly make me a whole lot less SAD.

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