Shedding Layers is the Best Prescription for Winter Blahs

Posted on January 7, 2013


Rum swizzles and SAD light be damned, this January I’m talking’ about Mai Tai’s and fresh pineapple! After 34+ years together, Hubby and I are finally planning our escape from the frigid climate, going to Hawaii for a short break. Deciding on taking some vacation time a bit early this year, the news came as a surprise to our family and friends. For me, the timing is looking better and better as I gaze out my office window. The snow is finally easing after dumping yet another load of the white stuff (eight inches on top of the existing 18 inches!) just this morning. Another load is expected tomorrow (hooray). Winter’s only really just beginning here and already Hubby’s nearly had to send a rescue party out into the back yard just to retrieve me when I went out to feed our birds. (At this time of year, being short is a distinct disadvantage in the deep snow.)

Mountain ash berries bring some needed colour to winter.

Mountain ash berries bring some needed colour to winter.

It was about this time last year that I was moaning and groaning about toughing it out through the winter with all the cold temps and shovelling snow. That’s what Canadians do (complain, that is) who don’t ski, snow board, snowshoe, carve ice sculptures, ice fish , etc. – well, you get the picture. It’s so very pretty to look at, but unfortunately it doesn’t move itself off the driveway or roads. And although I realize that we depend on a good snowpack up in the mountains to get us through a scorching summer and possible fire season ahead, I’d be just as happy if Old Man Winter parked his laurels up on the ski hills and eased off in our part of the valley.

Am I going to miss a few days of being awakened at 5:30 am by the flashing beacons and grinding blades of street plows, or the roar of the neighbour’s snow-blower at 6:30 am? – I think not. With the alarm going off at 6:45 am, rest assured (hardly), I am neither eager to bundle up and do some plowing of my own before breakfast, nor contemplate navigating down our mountain slope in morning traffic. Acceptance of winter at that time of the day is challenging.  A couple of swigs of coffee helps the brain, but what I’d really like to do is go back to bed and happily cocoon with my fleecy sheets. If you thought the extra insulation around my middle would help in the cold, you’d be wrong there too. Why do you think ol’ Santa Claus refuels at every child’s house with cookies and a glass of sherry (milk is lame), hmmm? It’s because he’s bloomin’ cold from clearing rooftop chimneys and such, that’s why!

View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Oahu

View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Thoughts of sandy beaches and not wearing three layers of clothing is making me giddy with anticipation. Achy joints will certainly appreciate a few days of heat and sun. Even though I may find it difficult to return to my snow-entrenched abode, Hawaii will be a welcome respite. Maybe I’ll even come back from the holiday with a genuine glow on my face instead of the usual pasty, lily-white complexion. (No sun tanning beds for this gal; it’s the real Vitamin D factory or nothin’.)

Can’t wait to smell the plumeria flowers and hear the ocean again. I believe there’s a few Mai Tai’s with my name on them and I plan on savouring each one. The snow will be there when we return (sigh).

That's what I'm talkin' about!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!