Another Year Passes – A Virtual Toast to the New Year

Posted on December 31, 2011


Cheers everyone!

Looking back at 2011, I have found that it was a year of blessings followed by concerns, obstacles followed by relief. All told, there were many more positives than negatives and I am grateful for all the experiences. Connections with loved ones was probably the biggest repetitive theme over the last twelve months.

The year 2011 began with a wonderful gift of a baby girl blessing my husband and I as new grandparents. Prior to the birth, I was presented  with a fridge magnet that mused: “You thought your work as mom was done – then you became a grandmother!” which has become my mantra of sorts. Yes, it’s all coming back to me about the exhaustion, routines and fussiness that an infant brings – but also the joy that one tiny smile produces. And her baby laughs – oh, how I love those baby laughs! There is some anxiety mixed with pride watching as our daughter and son-in-law find their rhythms in parenting, knowing we are ready to lend a hand when asked. Secretly, Hubby and I are waiting for opportunities to impart our “elder wisdom”. More importantly, though, is getting our time for cuddles and playtime with the little Munchkin while we can, for we know many grandparents are not as lucky as we are to have their adult children and grandchildren living close by.

It was a year for re-uniting with family and friends. Distances travelled ranged from thousands of miles away to just across town. “Doing” the Calgary Stampede with long-time friends took us back to the days before our family began, when we were a group of young couples starting out. A marriage celebration overseas proved to be a challenge of logistics on both sides of the Atlantic, but one that inevitably turned into a lovely and (culturally) enlightening event bringing together all age groups. English high teas easily mingled with pub meals and free-flowing spirits – which could be proper or a bit rowdy – and it was all very grand.

As well, I had the good fortune to discover some of my ancestral roots along the Danube River while in Europe. It was something Hubby and I had contemplated doing many years ago but dismissed as wishful dreaming. We finally decided to have a time for ourselves “for growth and discovery”. It’s hard to describe how wonderful that part of the trip actually was for both of us; our eyes were opened to so many amazing sights and friendly people, history, and glorious food. It was just so very special.

And while some aspects of our travels seemed a little lavish for my humbler expectations, things didn’t always run smoothly this past year as far as health was concerned. A couple of wake-up calls made me realize the passing of time (and some not so brilliant choices) on this body of mine. Time for rest and solitude became as important a necessity as work and socialization on the calendar. Getting the balance right seems to be the trick though.

I don’t know what 2012 has in store for me, but I’m hoping again that there will be more goodness in it than bad. Hope and love and faith usually does the job and gets over the hurdles. My virtual toast (with a glass of virtual bubbly) for my readers is simply this: “May the New Year ahead bring you much happiness and blessings. May you find the time you need to rest and reflect on the goodness that exists around you and within you. May you laugh and smile every day of the year!” 

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