A Wandering Mind Follows No Set Path

Posted on February 22, 2013


It’s been one of those mindless, unproductive afternoons, staring out my office window, imagining that the snow is all gone from the garden, the waterfall is happily gurgling away, I’ve cleared the office paperwork, and I’m awaiting a dinner invitation to that fancy French bistro in town. (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?!) Although none of the above are actually gonna happen anytime soon, it’s interesting how my thoughts wander, and wander, and wander …

Cookies for breakfast?

Have you ever had cookies for breakfast? Not those “cereal/granola bars” with the big brand names. What I mean are those scrumptious soft-middle, oatmeal chocolate-chunk, homemade goodies you made for your kids’ visit, that were unfortunately left behind in haste. Despite being stored in a convenient plastic storage container, the lid’s probably not an air-tight fit, letting air inside and drying the cookies out potentially – and you wouldn’t want your baking efforts to be in vain, would you now? Better the cookies than face the yogurt cup with the expired date, right? Besides, oatmeal must have some redeeming qualities, hmmm?

Heads up! … Incoming!

Ever had a seagull sh** on you as you were minding your own business? For me, more than once in fact. Some people think that’s good luck (really?) but it was a terrible, stinky mess to try to get off my clothes. (That reminds me that I probably should eat more fish.) Seagulls always make me think of the ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. Funny, on all those trips over there, I don’t think I was ever “bombed” from one overhead. Could it be that seagulls have bad days, and my misfortunes coincided with them trying to “vent”? Naaa, they were clear messages of hatred.

How many times have you, as someone old enough to know better (is that even possible?), cranked up the car stereo and just wailed along to a favourite tune? (Love it!) Sadly, have you ever noticed the people in the vehicle next to you witnessing your rockin’ style who glance away when you make eye contact? (Sad for them, slightly embarrassing for me.) Would it have been more appropriate if I’d been belting out the words to Sesame Street’s “The People in Your Neighbourhood” with my little grand-daughter in the back seat? Fortunately, she’s young enough to think Grandma’s pretty fun.

I’m usually quite accurate when matching names with faces, but for the life of me, I still can’t remember who it was who stopped me the other day as I was walking. We chatted for a few minutes in a generic conversation, and I sure hope I didn’t look too blankly back at her as she waved a warm farewell. I may have faked my way through that one, but I genuinely couldn’t figure out my connection with the woman. Who on earth was that??? Oh dear, another senior moment.

Pumping gas and draining the wallet.

The price at the gas pumps has shot up again. Great, just when my fuel gauge had dipped below the quarter-tank. Just recently when I filled up, there was this sassy young thing in front of me leaning over the bumper, trying not to transfer any dirt onto her jacket. Miss Sassypants was displaying a novel turquoise and red thong across her backside for any passing fella, and all I could think of was wondering how she could text with one hand and pump gas with the other. And they say the younger generation isn’t motivated to learn new things. I need full focus to text on my phone and I can’t even reach across the full width of my windshield with the squeegee to clean it! Maybe I should update my undies drawer. Hubby might like that.

My mind was having such a lovely time drifting that I’d lost track of what time it actually was. These bits of randomness make up for those days when my schedule is all business and structure. Oh the places I’ll go, given an opportunity.

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