A Mini Escape from the Cubbyhole – Part 1

Posted on June 12, 2013


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around

once in a while, you could miss it.”

– (From “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, 1986)

I know it’s a double-edged sword  when you work for yourself yet you need a goof-off day. There’s no revenue being generated, but the time off is so necessary to rejuvenate one’s well-being. That’s what Hubby and I decided to do last week, to simply get outta town for some R&R for an overnighter in the desert resort town of Osoyoos, just a couple of hours south of home.

Osoyoos vista

Looking down on Osoyoos Lake from the hills.

With our destination of Osoyoos an easy drive away, we took our time meandering through the gorgeous South Okanagan region which is littered with large and micro wineries just off the main highway. Although the weather was ideally suited for lounging on some of their patios, while sampling a bit of vino here and there, this time we restrained ourselves from the temptation, knowing (from past experiences) that one too many wine tastings in an afternoon makes for a happy yet stupid road trip. Wine tours would wait for another trip when a designated operator was part of the package. It was enough to soak up the lovely sunshine and fine weather.

Watermark Beach Resort

The Watermark Beach Resort is right on the shoreline of Osoyoos Lake – gorgeous!

Osoyoos is situated very close to the U.S. border, so weekend traffic is brisk going in both directions and accommodations book up fast. We decided to check out the Watermark Beach Resort right on Osoyoos Lake, partly because it was fairly new and also because we thought it might be a great location for an upcoming celebration of friends all celebrating special anniversaries this year. I was delighted with our choice the moment we stepped into our room; it was more spacious and beautifully decorated than any apartment our son or daughter ever rented in the past! It was fully self-contained, boasting even a washer/dryer combo and full kitchen in-suite, two bedrooms, small lounge area and patio. If it hadn’t been for the pricey “resort” room rate, we could have easily convinced ourselves to play hooky a few more nights. (My mother always told me it’s hard to have champagne tastes on a beer budget. So true.)

FMX Riders

FMX riders chat with fans.

FMX Stunt

Yikes – he’s flyin’!

After settling in and checking out the (amazing) facilities, we noticed that a gigantic FMX (freestyle motor-cross) launch and ramp were being set up across from the hotel, as part of a weekend car show the next day. Once all the supports were secured, we were entertained as a few high-flying cyclists practiced their jumps and aerial stunts. Those young guys performing their stunts in the airspace between the ramps were real dare-devils, a little nuts, and obviously feeling invincible. I was relieved I wasn’t watching our own son do those leaps, that’s for sure!

Dinner was fabulous at the Watermark’s tapas restaurant. Not unlike a leisurely fondue dinner, working our way through a selection of tapas and local wines was absolutely grand. It deliciously stretched out over nearly two hours. Our interesting selections were cooked and presented as per our timetable, so that each dish could be savoured unhurried, and also to not tax the digestive system. In the end, we neither felt over-stuffed nor rushed to vacate our table.  An after-dinner walk, and then we ended our day with a brief spell in the hot tub. Yes, delightful indeed. Tomorrow would bring more fabulous surprises.

Osoyoos Watermark Beach Resort

What a great escape!